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With a rich Native American history, along with the history of a fledgling United States, there is no place better than the Scenic Rivers area to get a taste of the early American cultural experience.  Tied to the history of the mighty Mississippi, Scenic Rivers has long been a witness to the beginnings of early American History.  Visitors are welcome to come explore one of the many historical sites that help make up its rich past, or venture out on a fact-finding mission of their own and see what long buried stories from the past they are bound to unearth.

The southwest Mississippi region has a long history dating back to its earliest inhabitants, the Native Americans. For centuries, several Indian tribes including the Choctaws, Chickasaws, and The Natchez roamed, hunted, and lived on the land that now makes up Southwest Mississippi.  With its rich bounty of wildlife and fertile soil deposits from the many rivers and streams that run through the area on their way to the Mississippi River, the land was an ideal spot to call home. After the Spanish surrender of the Louisiana territory to the United States, men of all grades, professions, and pursuits, flocked to the lower Mississippi area and began establishing churches, schools, and villages.

The early 19th-century settlers from Europe and America’s east coast began harvesting the areas softwoods and hardwoods in order to provide material for building homes, furniture, farm implements, and tools. These earlier settlers also began milling the millions of acres of forests in order to develop farmland.

As commerce on the rivers thrived with the growth of the timber industry, so did the need to export timber products to areas outside of the river communities. Thus in the 19th century, the first railroads were built in Mississippi, allowing for greater commerce and the export of finished goods outside Mississippi.  With the addition of the railroad, many new towns and cities sprang forth in the area and owe their existence to the expansion of the railroad.

Much of this history can be seen today, not only in guidebooks and historical markers, but through the many local attractions that offer visitors a glimpse into the past.

Pike County

Brentwood House
601 Delaware Ave
McComb, MS 39648

Kramertown-Railroad Historic District
S. Railroad Boulevard
McComb, MS 39648

William Fredrick Holmes House
302 3rd Street
McComb, MS 39648

Vaughn (Berryhill) House
265 West Railroad Ave
Magnolia, MS 39652
Description:  Built by William Atkinson in 1877, then sold to David Vaughn and wife.  The Vaughn’s were one of our first plantation families of Magnolia.  David’s wife was of the Prewitt (founding) family.

Stonewall Club
105 North Cherry Street
Magnolia, MS 39652
Description:  Popular social club at turn of century, now a private home.

George Chadwick House
560 North Cherry Street
Magnolia, MS 39652
Description:  local historian and talented artist that featured many of our great homes

Holmes-Mitchell House
405 North Cherry Street
Magnolia, MS 39652
Description: Built in 1900 by sawmill operator and Captain W.W. Stephens.  Wendall Holmes and his father were both circuit clerks for Pike County.  Best example in Magnolia of one story-high elevation house.

Amite County

Confederate Monument
155 North Church Street
Liberty, MS 39645
Located next door to the historic Liberty Presbyterian Church, this monument has inscribed, “ SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF THE SOLDIERS FROM AMITE COUNTY WHO LOST THEIR LIVES IN THE CONFEDERATE ARMY,  ERECTED BY THE CITIZENS OF AMITE COUNTY IN 1871.

Amite County War Memorial Monument
Courthouse Square, 242 W. Main Street
Liberty, MS 39645
This monument was dedicated on Veterans Day, November 11, 1995, “IN HONOR OF THE COURAGE, PATRIOTISM , AND SACRIFICES OF AMITE COUNTY VETERANS.”

Amite County Courthouse
242 W. Main Street
Liberty, MS 39645
Period of significance: 1925-1949, 1825-1849

Little Red Schoolhouse
MS Hwy 569 N
Liberty, MS 39645
Built in 1853, this 2 story brick building once served as the music room for the Amite Female Seminary and was the only school building spared by a Union raid during the war Between the States.

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